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Welcome to the BlueSpice Helpdesk!

The helpdesk provides descriptions of features, support and several tips and tricks to use BlueSpice. We constantly work on the content of this online documentation, to keep it up-to-date. But, like every other wiki, the helpdesk is also a platform for collaborative work and for sharing knowledge. Therefore we also count on our BlueSpice community:

 Join in and help other users with your knowledge of wikis and BlueSpice!


User Manual

Get to know the first steps in BlueSpice. Get an overview of BlueSpice and learn how to edit an article, insert images and more. In the end you will learn more about wiki structures and how you can customize your wiki.

Attention! This manual will be revised and updated. Please excuse us if translations are lacking. We are working on that.


Administration Manual

In the BlueSpice Administration Manual you will find descriptions on how to administrate the wiki. We start with the installation manual and then you will get to know admin functions like:

  • Managing users, groups and permissions
  • Preferences in BlueSpice
  • Site templates

Attention! This manual will be revised and updated. Please excuse us if translations are lacking. We are working on that.


BlueSpice Extensions

Which extensions are included in your BlueSpice depends on what BlueSpice you have. Maybe you have the free BlueSpice version, BlueSpice pro (subscription), or additional packages may have been installed. A click on one of the links below guides you to a special overview. If you click on one of the listed extensions there you will be redirected to the extension description.



Help to improve BlueSpice! You are using the wiki and therefore you notice if something is not working. If a problem occurs, don´t be annoyed but tell us the bug. Due to this we can patch it and avoid it for future versions of BlueSpice.

Send us an e-mail to

Or post a comment in one of our forums:

  • Bugreport - to report the error
  • Feature Request - to give as a clue of what kind of features you want to have in BlueSpice

Unresolved questions?
You can also post questions, requests and technical issues at our FAQ or discuss your issues with the community in the help forum .